I live in Alaska but come back east every summer. Frugal Fannies has been a regular trip for my Aunt and I for many many years. I still have some of the clothes I bought from here over 15 years ago. They have great stuff at good prices, a good selection of shoes, jewelry, accessories, intimate wear, and lots and lots of pretty dresses, fancy, and work style. I always find great bargains there and never regret my purchases!

Check it out, you won’t regret it. They get new stuff all the time too so check back frequently for the best variety!
— Brandy K.
Outstanding service from Robin in Coat Dept... I called to ask if down coats, knee length were in stock. Great service. Robin asked me my size and for my name and phone # in case we were disconnected. Then she went to look for items on the floor. She even asked an employee who matched my height and weight to try on a few coats. WOW!
— Michelle C.
I have been shopping at your store a lot lately looking for the perfect dress. On 2 friday eves this month, I’ve gone into your store exhausted from the day. But everyone in the store was so nice, it perked me up! I’m so used to store employees not being pleasant or helpful. But your store is different. The employees at the return counter, the shoe department, checkout counter, jewelry counter, and the young girl in the fitting room were just all so pleasant. Incredibly pleasant and upbeat, considering it was after 7p and close to closing. So they should all have a special recognition from your company.
Thank you.
— Cathy
Amazing! I don’t know how I made it 25 years without coming here! Katerina, Deborah and Debbie made the shopping experience today when the 3 of them came together to help my 86 year old grandmother find what she was looking for by description alone! The jewelry department treated us like we were shopping at Tiffany’s...No joke, the most positive shopping experience I’ve had in a long time! Thank you ladies!
— Meagan R.
“Great selection at great prices. Whether you are looking for work, work out, special occasion, every day or the perfect pair of shoes, this is the place to go. Also great place to pick up something as gifts (scarves, accessories, etc).”
— DD
If you’re an adventure shopper, then look no further. There are hours worth - an entire warehouse full - of racks, shelves, tables, and cases to comb through to snag those designer finds at rock bottom prices.
— Caroline
I just wanted to send a quick note to say how much I enjoyed my experience at your store yesterday. I was in search of my bridal jewelry for my June wedding and I cannot say enough good things about my experience with Natalia at the jewelry department. She took the time to make sure I got what I needed and spent the time to show me everything and lay out all my options. I am happy to say I picked out my earrings, necklace, hairpiece and even a beautiful necklace for my rehearsal dinner. She should be commended for a job well done!
— Kayla
Bargain shopping heaven for high quality designer clothing and jewelry at discounted prices. Endless selection. Unique pieces. Friendly workers. Clean and organized.
— Marie
I love this store! What I love most is the MASSIVE selection of jewelry—on every color you can imagine! If I won the lottery, I’d spend a small fortune on the jewelry! Haha!
— Leslie
If you opened a store on Mars, I would be there with my daughter, Mom and Grandma. Yep. I got ‘em all addicted to being Frugal. You Rock!
— Jen
It always has an “excitement” element because you never know what they’ll have just gotten in.
— Chantelle
Great place to shop for coats and jackets. I’ve bought at least five coats here. I’m petite and most stores don’t have much of a selection in my size. Frugal Fannie’s always seems to have several great coats that fit me.
— Shannon
Frugal Pageantry

Frugal Pageantry

I love going to Frugal Fannies—you never know what you’re going to find, it’s like a little shopping adventure.
— NC
Employees were all over the floor working, so I didn’t have any difficulty finding help when a question came up.
— Annie
My female relatives from out of state now insist on visiting FF every single time they are in town and they usually make a day of it. That’s got to tell you how good this place is.
— Roberta
Thank you, thank you, thank you for making shopping fun again!
— Cheryl
I can’t wait to go back to Massachusetts, and have to admit that my girlfriend was right: it was unlike anything I had ever seen before. I will most definitely be back for more, only next time I will be bringing an empty suitcase with me to house all my Frugal Fannies purchases!
— Virginia
— Lisa
We took a short break from our "mother of the bride and groom" photo shoot to celebrate photographer Cheryl Clegg's birthday.  Meanwhile, mannequins silently judge.  

We took a short break from our "mother of the bride and groom" photo shoot to celebrate photographer Cheryl Clegg's birthday.  Meanwhile, mannequins silently judge.