"It all began in May, 1983"

Frugal Fannie's Fashion Warehouse opened its doors in May, 1983 in Westwood MA, where cofounders Orrin Doxer and fiance Kathleen (a.k.a. "Fannie") owned and operated a thriving apparel business. Based in a 60,000 s.f. distribution center in an industrial park, quite off the beaten path, they operated several small strip center stores in Massachusetts, Ohio, Michigan, Atlanta and Washington DC. The young company was eager to grow so they branched into the wholesale business, supplying merchandise and marketing to several other apparel stores.

Suddenly their largest wholesale customer went bankrupt, and the Doxers were left with a warehouse full of inventory. They quickly decided to open a small portion of the warehouse to the public in order to liquidate the excess stock. The plan was to run a quick series of "down & dirty" sales over several weekends.

The doors opened at 6 a.m. on a Saturday in early May. There were lines of hundreds of women anxiously waiting to get in. The first weekend was a huge success. The second weekend was even better as word spread of the bargains to be had in warehouse store with the funny name of Frugal Fannie's.

It became apparent to the Doxers and their hard-working associates that retail history was quietly being made. Frugal Fannie's was an innovator. A "big box" warehouse store with limited week-end's only hours, selling fashion in a bare bones environment with concrete floors.

It wasn't long before Frugal Fannie's became a permanent institution in the Greater Boston area.

Since those first days, Frugal Fannie's has lived through several periods of growth, challenges and consolidations, maneuvering against an ever-changing marketplace and the needs of modern women. Today, with one fabulous Frugal Fannie's in Westwood, the company is more dedicated than ever to serving its loyal clients, many who have shopped at Frugal's since the beginning. A new generation of shoppers has joined them.

Frugal Fannie's vision is "retail therapy." The mission is to create the most exciting, money-saving, feel good experience possible for women shoppers. Frugal's goal is to be the best women's apparel, shoe and accessories "shopping destination" around!