These are just a few samples of the hundreds of letters,
phone calls and emails we have received.
"I heard on the radio today at work that you're back! YAY!!! Although Westwood is a bit of a drive, I will make a monthly trip to scope out shoes! I 'm so excited! Thank you for re-opening!"


"You don't know HOW excited I am to hear that you're coming back!! I have been panicking ALL summer, wondering where I'll buy my winter coats and shoes! I moved to the Boston area 7 years ago - and since forgotten how to shop ANYwhere but Frugals! I have never been so sad about a store going out of business!!"

And welcome back!

Brookline, MA

"Thanks for re-opening. I've really missed you. I've gone from a size 14/16 to a size 6 over the past 2 years and started a new job where I had to wear more suits. It's been so hard buying a new professional wardrobe every couple of months. I was looking really ragged the past few weeks transitioning into winter.

I went to your store and got 2 suits, 5 tops, 2 pants and some little extras all for about $260.

You've saved my professional appearance. Thank you SOOOOOOOO much!"


"I was brought to tears when I heard that your store in Westwood reopened. I am so glad that you were able to reopen again... and best wishes for a positive future!!

Sivia M.

"Damn, I miss you guys - hurry up and get well so you can come back to Washington... "

Best wishes on your restart...

Nowhere to shop

"I believe I remember you from Riverboat on Tremont Street (I worked at Tremont on the Commons then). I have been a customer and fan of your store since you opened your first shop. I have been a fan of Kathleen "Fannie" Doxer since she spoke at The Commonwealth Institute's Breakfast of Champions. Good luck!"

Needham, MA

"I just heard today that you are back. I am truly impressed that there is a company out there that really cared and listened to their customers and what they want! I can't wait to come back. Thank you, thank you, thank you!"

Rose C.

"I have been LOST without you - I didn't realize it, but I've done probably 90% of my shopping at Frugals for the past several years and am having a hard time readjusting my shopping habits. I have no idea where Westwood is, but I'll find you!"

Lucille L.
New Hampshire

"I don't know who is more thrilled about your re-opening, me or my husband. His life will now be quieter, due to my lack of bemoaning your store closing in Westwood. Look forward to shopping again!!!"

Michelle P.

"Every one I know has been calling me to let me know my favorite store is back. Great news. I'll see you all in Westwood soon!"

Mary Ellen M.
Rockland, MA

"My sister-in-law just excitedly called me with the news that our favorite store, in our favorite location, is re-opening! THANK YOU!!! Can't wait to shop at Frugals this fall!!"

Sue G.
Waltham, MA

"Just wanted to let you know I'll be there with bells on when you reopen in Westwood. I've really missed the store and look forward to many more happy hours of shopping with you! Good Luck!"

Judith T.

"Just this morning, I was thinking about what clothing I needed for the upcoming winter season and wondered where I could shop since my favorite, Frugal Fannie's, closed. Then, I opened my Boston Globe and read that you're coming back. Count me as one of your loyal customers who can't wait to get back to your store."

Jean S.
Scituate, MA

"I just wanted to tell you how happy I am that Frugal Fannie's is back! I was a regular customer and truly missed you! There is nothing to compare to the variety of clothes and the prices offered at Frugals. Thanks again and good luck!"

Janet K.

"Congratulations!!! Everytime I shopped I mourned the loss of Frugal Fannie's. I can't wait! Thank you so much for finding a way!"

Every success!!
Dara N.
Norton, MA

"Thank you, thank you and thank you! I can't possibly tell you how happy and grateful I am that you are back. I felt like there had been a death in the family when you closed. Inevitably, every time someone comments on an article of clothing or really unique pair of shoes that I wear I would say sadly "it came from Frugal's. What am I going to do now? Become a generic mall person?" I now don't have t become a generic mall person. I used to go to your store once a week. I would have been there the first weekend, but I had surgery that Thursday. I will be there this weekend! Thank you again."
Linda P.

"It was like being a child and losing your favorite toy... and then finding it again. Thank you, thank you, thank you for making shopping fun again!"

Billerica, MA

"I just heard this weekend that Frugal's is open in Westwood again! Hurray! I live in Stoneham, so of course, wish the Reading store were still there...Maybe someday... Good luck and I'll see you soon!"

Christine S.
Stoneham, MA

"I am THRILLED to know you're back open!!! I can't wait to come down from Portsmouth, NH to shop... I have moved to a new home since you closed and wanted to know if I could have the address where you mail your postcards changed to reflect my new mailing address!"

Ann C.
Portsmouth, NH

"Now, if they'd just re-open Lechmere!!!"

Barbara R.

"Fannie is the Comeback Queen!"

Nicole W.

" If you opened a store on Mars, I would be there with my daughter, Mom and Grandma. Yep. I got 'em all addicted to being Frugal. Then came The End. We were saddened, even depressed. Every favorite article of clothing I own came from FF. Tenderly I would hold them, lamenting the demise of their origin. Then came the thrilling email: "FF is back in Westwood only." Hooray! We lift our heavy hearts off the ground, let a smile replace the dazed and confused look we've carried far too long and freely dream of new suits, sweaters and shoes! Thank you for giving us a reason to shop again. You ROCK!"


"My family and I are thrilled about the opening! When I told my younger sister (who turned us on to Frugals) you would have sworn she hit the megabucks. She was excited! We cannot wait! We are loyal customers from New Bedford, MA"

Carol P.

"As one of your original customers in Westwood, I hated to see you go. But I'm excited that you'll be back!!! I'm thrilled for all of you that you've been able to work your way through this bad time and look forward to your re-opening!"

Rosemary C.
Sharon, MA

"I am so happy that you are re-opening in Westwood!"

Laurie B.

"Best news I have heard in years! Can't wait until opening day!"
"I could not be more delighted, can't wait. I have been lost without Frugals and every time I realize I need some clothes, the feeling comes over me again. Can't wait, will be there when it opens which I hope is soon!"

Dorothy B.

"I heard it on the news first thing this morning and wondering if I was still asleep, so I checked the site and YEAH!!! Can't wait to come back!!! I've been struggling with where to shop and my struggle is over! Congratulations. I knew it could happen!!!"

Kimberly S.
Roslindale, MA

"I have missed my weekly excursions to Frugal Fannie's this past year. I am delighted to hear the great news that the Westwood store will be re-opended. Best of luck in the future!"

Rebecca Z.

"You simply have NO idea how happy you have made me! I love your Westwood store and was a very faithful client, (just ask my husband). I will be back as soon as the doors open and I wish you the greatest of success! If you guys need any help getting the place ready to open, I'm ready to volunteer my time. You are the best and your return will fill a major shopping void for me. This area needs you!" Best regards,

Elizabeth D.
Sharon, MA

"Just heard the news! CONGRATULATIONS!!! I'm so happy. I have seriously been lost without you. I hardly bought a thing since you closed (seriously). I'll be driving to Westwood from Windham, NH. THANK YOU for coming back!"
"I can't tell you how happy I am that you are back in Westwood!!! I have missed you guys so much. I can't tell you how much my wardrobe has suffered.""My prayers have been answered...I can't wait. I work in the financial corporate community in Boston and nothing comes close to Frugals! Welcome home old friend!"